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Huo Cheng is so anxious that he doesn't know what to do! At the most flustered moment, he suddenly raised his hand to his lips and sucked a mouthful of blood from the wound. He bent over Anxun's mouth, pinched her chin, covered her lips, and poured the blood directly into his m

Before the blind date, he took a look at Qin Zhen's black business suit, and especially hated to pull her to the city center to change her clothes. I didn't even promise you a blind date, and you're still kicking your nose and face to change my combat uniform? Qin Zhen was dragged out of the company listlessly by him. You know it's a combat suit? Anyhow, I was introduced by Cheng Luyang. If you go out to meet people in this dress, you may lose my face on which planet! Besides, every blind date is a battle, in order to preserve the blood bar and win the final victory of the battle, we have to do a good job of equipment! "RMB players are shameful!" "After you have been emptied by the experience of RMB players a hundred times, you can't help but yearn for it." Cheng Luyang carried her into a famous brand store and said to the long-legged clerk, "Pick a set that suits her." The clerk was so enthusiastic that he kept asking Qin Zhen what he wanted, and then pointed it out to her one by one, "How about this one?"? Miss, your skin is white, and it is very suitable for sapphire blue. What about this skirt? You are thin, and it looks concave and convex. Qin Zhen turned around and saw Cheng Luyang sitting at home on a soft leather sofa, his silver-gray shirt setting off his temperament like a king, and his black casual trousers. The smell of abstinence and sex? She felt desperate. She really shouldn't have taken the trouble to sum up his wardrobe. Otherwise, when he came out in a colorful rainbow suit, she would have good reason to accuse him: "You dare to come out to see people in such a sharp style. What's wrong with my clothes?" Rainbow son with black widow, this feeling is good! Cheng Luyang saw her looking at himself gloomily, thinking that she was distressed about money. He felt a credit card out very boldly and shook it at her in midair. The meaning was very obvious: Grandpa, I'll give you money, and you can pick it at ease! Qin Zhen paused and let the leggy beauty match her at will. No matter who introduced her, in a word,MBR reactor, she has to have a blind date anyway. Since they are all blind dates, what's the difference between seeing those people introduced by her mother and those introduced by Cheng Luyang? She went into the dressing room with the matching clothes of the long-legged beauty, and began to change clothes after a moment's daze. Why was she excited to be able to buy clothes with him when she should have felt sad for Cheng Luyang's gallant introduction of her blind date? Cheng Luyang is the first time to accompany a woman out to buy clothes, watching Qin Zhen slowly come out of the dressing room in a different shape, but also feel fresh. The leggy beauty has been acting as a commentator beside her: "This skirt is more close-fitting and can highlight the beauty of women's curves. Well, Miss, if you look in the mirror from your side, do you show your waist and look particularly graceful?" Embarrassed, Qin Zhen looked at Cheng Luyang in the mirror. His eyes showed appreciation. He said with a smile, "Buy!" In view of the fact that the shop assistant matched so many sets, Cheng Luyang asked Qin Zhen to try every set, from the suit to the skirt, from the inside to the coat, Belt Filter Press ,disc air diffuser, as long as he thought it looked good, all of them waved boldly, one word: "Buy!" Qin Zhen listened with fear, "just eat a meal, why buy so much?"? Go to the bathroom every five minutes to change? "It's called being prepared for a long war!" Cheng Luyang chose the original skirt as today's combat equipment, let Qin Zhen change it, and took her to a restaurant not far away. I'll pay you back when I get paid. Qin Zhen glanced at the pile of bags in his hand. No, the money is idle there anyway, and you still have a sense of existence when you wear it. "Be sure to return it." Qin Zhen insisted, thinking that he was not her, how could he buy clothes for her? Thinking like this, my heart collapsed more than an inch or two. In the elevator, Cheng Luyang asked her, "Do you have any lipstick?" "Yes." "Put some on and you'll look better." She took it out according to her words, but she did not know how to do it because she did not carry a mirror with her. Cheng Luyang naturally took the lipstick and raised her chin with one hand. "Don't move.". ” Qin Zhen stiffened all over, looking at his face infinitely close, and then. Rugged her lipstick with his own hands. At such a close distance, she saw that his eyelashes were long and thick, like two brushes, almost covering the tenderness that flashed through his eyes. His fingertips touched her skin, carefully, as if they were precious things. Qin Zhen blinked and saw his face shrink again. He returned the lipstick to her and said with satisfaction, "OK, now you can see people!" Before stepping out of the elevator, he even turned his head and looked at her seriously. "No matter who you see, how much higher your status or occupation is than you, you have to remember that there is no one you don't deserve." He smiled and flicked it on her forehead. "Don't be in a daze. I'm serious. First you have to believe that you are unique, and then you can make others think that you deserve the best." Qin Zhen almost shed tears in the blink of an eye. How do you tell him? The best thing she could have was to stand quietly face to face with him as she did now, listening to him speak to her in a rare gentle tone, with only her shadow in her eyes and nothing else. But Cheng Luyang showed his white teeth and said to her with a particularly handsome smile, "Go, it's time for a blind date!" Walking into the hall, Cheng Luyang pointed to a table by the window on the left side of the restaurant, where a young man in a suit and leather shoes was already sitting. From a distance, Qin Zhen did not see his appearance clearly, but he could also vaguely feel from the outline that this was not an ordinary person. The finance manager of the listed company, Ye Chengqian, is 28 years old this year. He is very handsome. "Cheng Luyang suddenly got stuck in the middle of the introduction, and then added," Of course, he is a little worse than me. " He pointed to the booth behind the table through the carved glass. "I eat at that table. Call me whenever you have anything." Before Qin Zhen could say a word,fine bubble diffuser, he was pushed out by Cheng Luyang. She took a few nervous steps and looked back at him, only to see him raise his lips and smile at her reassuringly, with a silent but reassuring power in his smile.

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