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Chat with the princess. After dinner, Mei Zhenyi once again crossed the cliff and deep valley and walked into the three mountains of Qingyi. He had already been here last night, and when he saw him, he learned that Zhiyan Fairy was still in seclusion. He sat quietly in front of the door of Suiyuan Xiaozhu and waited all night. He left at dawn and came again after nightfall today. "Mr. Mei," he said, turning and whirling to meet him. Are you doing it again? Zhiyan Fairy hasn't left the pass yet. Mei Zhenyi: I know she hasn't left the customs yet. It may be tonight. It may take a few more years. Thank you for waiting here all this time. I came to see you today. "Mr. Mei is going to get married. Do you have anything to do with me?" Mei Zhenyi: "Is there anything else except getting married?" "Yes, yes, yes. And of course, Mr. Mei set the wedding date on August 15.". There are still more than two months to go. Do you want to wait for Zhiyan Fairy to leave the customs? It's right to think so. Since you are a Taoist, you should discuss it in advance. Mei Zhenyi frowned. "What do you mean?"? Doesn't Zhiyan agree with me to marry Gu'er and Sui'er? He shook his head hurriedly and said, "No, no. Gu'er and Sui'er have been taking care of you since you were young. If you don't marry, you shouldn't. Zhiyan Fairy has long understood.". But other things should be discussed with the Taoist couple, such as Luoyang Huakui White Peony, if Zhiyan Fairy does not know, you suddenly take home. Then it shouldn't be. What did you say? White peony! I've only been back for a few days. How do you know when you haven't mentioned it to anyone? Had it not been for the fact that there was no solid shape,Pallet rack beams, Mei Zhenyi would have grabbed its collar and asked a question! "Mei Yi, Zhang Guo, Ji Hai and others often come here to inspect on weekdays," he said. "It was a month ago that Mr. Mei monopolized the flower queen in Luoyang. Mei Yi's elder brother, Mei Gang, wrote to him. When he and Zhang Guo talked about it in the mountains that day,Steel racking system, I heard it and asked Mei Yi who the white peony was. Mei Zhenyi: "Then what you said is also wrong.". I didn't take the white peony home. "You want to take it back to Wuzhou," he answered. The white peony didn't agree! "Mei Gang doesn't know about this, and Mei Yi won't know either.". How do you know that? Mei Zhenyi was taken aback again. "Mei Gang doesn't know, but the fairy boy Qingfeng knows." Mei Zhenyi gave a low shout: "Will the fairy boy tell you these gossip?" "He doesn't like to gossip, but he can't resist my asking!"! Qingfeng came today. I took a look outside Suiyuan Xiaozhu and left. I pestered him to ask about the white peony. As a result, the fairy boy said that Mr. Mei wanted to take someone home but failed. If I wanted to inquire, I would ask you directly. It turned out to be just such a sentence. Mei Zhenyi thought Qingfeng had told him how much he had turned. He said dumbfounding, "You have inquired about this bag, but you have found out about me. What else do you want to know?" "Mr. Mei should ask me what I don't know. I want to know everything I don't know." Mei Zhenyi: "How can you ask everyone? Just ask Mei Yi. Even the fairy boy Qingfeng dares to entangle?" Carry slip turn: "Have no way, who calls my popularity good!" Mei Zhenyi was almost angry and happy: "Things are not what you think. Don't meddle in such affairs in the future." "It's not that I want to meddle," he said. "Think about it. If you really bring home a famous prostitute from Luoyang, Gu'er and Sui'er may not say anything, Drive in racking system ,Warehouse storage racks, and Princess Yuzhen won't be able to control you, but Zhiyan Fairy won't be happy. If there is such a thing again, Mr. Mei should consult with Zhiyan Fairy. Mei Zhenyi was too lazy to explain. He asked in reply, "How can I discuss with Zhiyan before she comes out of seclusion?" "If you really can't discuss with Zhiyan Fairy, but you can find me. I know a lot of things. I can guess whether Zhiyan Fairy is happy or not." Mei Zhenyi looked at it with a strange expression, not knowing whether he was laughing or angry: "To discuss with you?"? Having said so much in a roundabout way, I wanted to tell you that I should find you in the future. Well, come with me, and I'll discuss something important with you tonight. ” The sixth volume: Zi Fei Yu 138 chapters, the world must have a way to get money, spread all over the world to cook tea fragrance. "What important thing does Mr. Mei want to discuss with me?" He followed him down the hill, and his tone was very excited. Mei Zhenyi came to the valley and stood by the stream, saying, "Before I left, I taught you the art of refining form, but you haven't got the essence yet.". For the next three months, I will come here every night, waiting for the flame fairy, while you and I have something to do. He couldn't help turning around several times. "What does Mr. Mei want to do with me?" He asked happily around Mei Zhenyi. Mei Zhenyi: "I help you to refine your form, and you help me to practice.". Do you remember the pair of cushions I gave to Zhiyan? I want to continue to compile 108 fans, 36 for Cuiting Temple and 36 for Qiyun Temple. "There are still thirty-six fans left." Mei Zhenyi: "When the Jiulin Temple is completed, if there is no malice on the part of Zen Master Zhiyu, it will be offered to the Jiulin Temple." The voice that carries slip to turn is very amazed: "This also is too difficult!"! As far as I know, each of the cushions you made should be made of 999 pure and auspicious soft grass stems. When you make them, you should use the method of refining utensils. There should not be a trace of confusion in the connection of spiritual thoughts, otherwise it will not become a magic weapon. It's rare to have a pair of wonderful hands. One hundred and eight fans. God, what a great effort it is! "Of course it's hard," said Mei Zhenyi with his hands behind his back. "Otherwise, how can you be reborn? Man refines the utensil, and the utensil refines man. "I ask you, why do people become adults since they are infants?" "Is Mr. Mei asking me about Dan Jue?"? It's too profound. It's not as good as that cultivation. Mei Zhenyi said, "This is not only an elixir. It is nothing more than becoming an adult because of events, experiences, actions, experiences, feelings, and knowledge. This is the principle of refining a tool because of a person,Industrial pallet rack, and refining a tool because of a person." "I still don't quite understand. Mr. Mei wants to refine 108 auspicious soft straw mats. What does it have to do with my spiritual practice?" Mei Zhenyi: "Of course it matters. Let's come together. I'll pass you the method of refining grass stems. You have to go to the mountains to pick all the grass stems.". And refine pure, every 999 together, I began to refine a futon. 。


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