Ailan Island National Service: Novice Introduction to the use of basic mineral resources and access! _ Flint

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Original title: Ailan Island National Service: Novice Introduction to the game of the use of basic mineral resources and access! In the process of survival exploration in the game "Island of Aylan", most of the operations are carried out around the exploitation and utilization of mineral resources. For example, the activities of the birth island should develop science and technology through the acquisition of mineral resources to ensure a safer living space. Sea exploration is a choice based on the non-renewability of mineral resources. Therefore, if we want to play this game well, we must understand the use of mineral resources and the way to obtain them. As in the real world, the mineral resources in the game of Island Island are divided into three categories, namely, non-metallic minerals, such as flint, clay, saltpeter, sulfur, crystal, etc.; metal minerals, such as iron ore, copper ore, gold ore; and combustible organic minerals, coal. Next,dth button bits, we will introduce the acquisition and use of these minerals. 1. Flint Flint is mainly used for ignition, and two flints can be combined into a flint igniter. You can make burning torches, and you can also light all the items and equipment that need to be lit, such as bonfires, smelting furnaces and so on. Flint can be seen everywhere in the game, and there are many flint veins on the surface besides scattered individual flints. Obtaining is very simple. Because flint igniters can be repaired when their durability is reduced, flint mines do not need to be mined too much. Expand the full text 2. Clay Clay was an essential mineral into the Iron Age. At the stage of entering the Iron Age,rock drilling tools, a large amount of clay was needed to build smelting furnaces, charcoal kilns, forging platforms and other equipment to smelt and process iron ore and copper ore. So technology can't get off the ground without clay. In addition, clay is also the raw material of brick structure, players who like to build can accumulate more, clay is widely distributed in the game, and the difficulty of mining is relatively low. 3. Thick saltpeter block and thick sulfur block Mononitrate, disulfonic acid and charcoal. Saltpeter is the main raw material for making gunpowder. In the Iron Age, gunpowder could be made with saltpeter and sulfur, and hot weapons, such as pistols, rifles, cannons and grenades, mining drill bit ,overburden drilling systems, began to be used. And then enhance the combat effectiveness of the role, maintain a safe living environment, with firearms, with the flying backpack, players will be able to access the hole more safely, access to more advanced resources. In addition, some equipment and tools in the later period need to use rubber, and sulfur is also one of the materials for making rubber. Thick saltpeter blocks and thick sulfur blocks are relatively rare minerals, which are not distributed much in the game. If you see them, you must collect them all. In addition, there are NPC merchants on some islands. If you meet them, you can exchange a large amount of saltpeter and sulfur, which is also the main source of thick saltpeter and sulfur blocks. 4. Coal Coal is the main industrial fuel in the game of Island Island, and coal is used in the smelting and processing equipment of ore. Later in the game, materials such as steel plates, steel pipes and steel poles are needed. The raw materials of these materials are iron ingots and coal. 5. Iron ore and copper ore These two minerals are the most distributed in the game and the most used metal minerals. When used, it needs to be smelted into iron ingots and copper ingots. Iron ingot is not only the material for making basic ironware, but also the important raw material for making advanced industrial materials such as steel plate and steel pole. It will be used when science and technology enter the Iron Age until the later period. Copper ingot is an important material for energy equipment, which needs to be processed into copper wire before it can be made into important components of energy equipment. In addition, iron and copper ingots are also important materials for making bullets. 6. Gold mine Gold mine is the scarcest mineral in the game of Island Island. It is only distributed in a small number of holes in the ground, but its demand is not too large. The most important use in the later period is to make a guard suit, which is the top armor in the exploration mode. Gold is scarce, but it is not too difficult to obtain. There are two main ways to get, first, open the game randomly appear in the high-level box, there is a great chance to burst out gold or golden pebbles; second, through the game NPC merchants exchange golden pebbles. And then use a smelting furnace to smelt that golden pebbles into gold ingot. 7. Aylan Uranium Dust Aylan uranium dust is the main material for making advanced equipment, such as flying backpacks, mining drills, Aylan uranium batteries, charging stations and so on. These tools and devices can greatly improve the level of technological development in the game. Therefore, the importance of Aylan uranium dust is self-evident. There are three main ways to obtain Aylan uranium dust. First, kill mutant animals in the hole and drop them; second, collect Aylan Uranium Crystal from the hole, and then use the Aylan Uranium Refinery to extract Aylan uranium dust; third, there is a chance to get Aylan uranium dust by opening the advanced box. These are the main mineral resources in the game, each of which is a non-renewable resource. It is suggested that every island should be carefully searched, except flint, all other minerals need to be mined and collected, not wasted. In addition, in order to improve the mining efficiency of minerals,dhd drill bit, flying backpacks and mining drills can be made as early as possible. With the help of flying backpack, you can get the maximum game vision, which is conducive to finding mineral distribution and exploring deep underground caves. The mining drill can greatly increase the mining efficiency and speed up the game. That's all for today's basic strategy. Return to Sohu to see more. Responsible Editor:.


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