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He Qiushui nodded and wanted to take Wu Congjun's hand and walk with him, but he dodged. For the sake of safety, you go first. There were few people in the bamboo grove by the river, but there were many people in the street. He could not make any mistakes before he got the money, and

He Qiushui nodded and wanted to take Wu Congjun's hand and walk with him, but he dodged. For the sake of safety, you go first. There were few people in the bamboo grove by the river, but there were many people in the street. He could not make any mistakes before he got the money, and neither side would let go. He Qiushui has been dizzy, everything listens to him, out of the bamboo forest straight to the bridge to go home by oxcart, today she is a person on the street, Luo Biqun did not follow in the field. It was noon when I got home. There was no one at home. All of them were in the field and had not come back yet. He Qiushui was still immersed in Wu Congjun's sweet words and did not come to her senses. She first went to the room to look in the mirror and saw that her cheeks were flushed and her eyebrows were full of spring. She held her face in her hands and laughed a few times before she suppressed the joy in her heart and went to the kitchen to wash the pot and cook. Fixing farm output quotas for each household is now in place? A piece of turf, a sapling, everyone scrambled to get their own name. It is the busiest time for every household. He Qiushui's pot had just been washed, and Luo Biqun came back with a big basket of hogweed on his back. There are two pigs at home, it is time to grow up and eat, the pig food in the field is not enough, every day we have to go out to find wild boar vegetables to feed. Luo Biqun looked at her daughter busy in the kitchen and was a little surprised, "Qiushui, why did you come back so early today? Didn't you say you would come back after eating in the town?" There were only two of them in the house, and the opposite brother-in-law's family was still outside and had not come back. Luo Biqun had no worries and said anything. Mom, I see you are so lucky to come back to help you. He Qiushui,Automated warehouse systems, holding a small porcelain basin in his hand, saw his mother enter the kitchen and asked her with a smile, "What to eat at noon?" She was wearing a new skirt, and she was not a person who wanted to cook. Luo Biqun waved at her, "Forget it, I'll do it." Chapter 062 envy. The basin in his hand was taken over, he Qiushui wanted to go to the fire,pallet rack shelving, took a look at the skirt on his body, and went to change his clothes and came out again. Mom, let me tell you something. He Qiushui held the tongs in his hand and carefully observed Luo Biqun's expression. What's the matter? Luo Biqun is cutting potato slices, planning to make a potato stewed cabbage at noon, see her daughter want to speak and stop, then put down his kitchen knife, "want to make new clothes again?" The daughter is saying kiss, make two more new clothes she also feels nothing. No He Qiushui gritted his teeth, "I want five hundred yuan." In fact, what she told Wu Congjun by the river was a lie. She didn't dare to talk to her family about the five hundred yuan. The He family are all out-and-out farmers. It's even more difficult to earn some money by eating in the soil. She knows very well what's going on at home. She can't take out so much money at all, and she doesn't dare to mention it, but now she's forced to do nothing. What? What did you say? ? Luo Biqun thought he was hard of hearing. I misheard you. Mom, keep your voice down. He Qiushui stretched out his head and took a look at the door to make sure that no one came back. Then he went to Luo Biqun and whispered, "Mom, warehouse storage racks ,industrial racking systems, I promised to join the army." "What?" The two words her daughter said were beyond her control, and her heart was even more confused. Qiushui, what's going on? You should make it clear. "Oh, Mom." He Qiushui said everything between himself and Wu Congjun, including work and five hundred yuan. There was nothing wrong with these things in her mind, but Luo Biqun listened, frowning deeper and deeper. Qiushui, not to mention that our family can't take out the five hundred yuan, you can't really believe what Wu Congjun said. I think he just ate in the bowl and looked at the pot. He didn't want to marry Huang Meili, so he asked you to take the pot temporarily. "Daughter in too deep, completely dizzy mind, she is a person who has lived for decades, how can a man's mind not understand." Mom, you're right. Even if he finds me temporarily, it means that he has my fault in his heart. Otherwise, why doesn't she go to find someone else? He Qiushui did not say that she came to the door on her own initiative. Now these are not important in her mind at all. She just wants a good result. When her daughter talked about Wu Congjun, her face was full of shyness. Luo Biqun had a bad feeling in her heart. If she was eaten to death like this, would she be able to be the master of her own house even if she was married? "Listen to me." Aunt and Sister Qiushui are both at home. "Luo Biqun just said a few words, outside sounded the voice of He Qiuju.". Luo Biqun's mother and daughter quickly stopped talking and went outside to see Zhang Chunhua's mother and daughter coming back. Zhang Chunhua was carrying a straw mat and a quilt, and He Qiuju was carrying a big cloth bag and a sunshade in her hand. It seemed that they had just come back from the school in the town. Yo, our future college student is back. Is it summer vacation? Luo Biqun's face was full of enthusiasm. There was such a high school student in the village. Although she was not her daughter, she was also a member of the He family. She also felt that she had face. He Qiuju smiled sweetly, "Yes, I can honor my aunt at home for more than a month." "Ha ha.." Look at the scholar is not the same, this sweet mouth, how good at talking ah! Luo Biqun was said to be smiling, he Qiushui looked at is also full of envy, but her grades are not good, that year did not repeat the test. He Qiuju wanted to say a few more words, but Zhang Chunhua, who had entered the house ahead of time, began to call her daughter, as if she didn't like them to talk too much. Auntie, you are busy first, and I will go to nag after I put things away. He Qiuju closed her umbrella and carried her things into the room first. When she went to the house, Luo Biqun's smiling face was pulled down. No matter how well she kept it, her heart was sour. Why couldn't her Qiushui pass the exam? Mom, don't be jealous of others. He Qiushui that can not know the mother's thoughts, "as long as I marry with the army, our family does not have a high school student, and the army also has a job, is a formal teacher, every month has a salary.". I don't think Qiuju's college entrance examination is feasible,asrs warehouse, and whether she can find a job after graduating from high school is another matter. When the time comes, the second uncle's family will envy us in turn. Her daughter's words touched Luo Biqun's heart, but she was worried when she thought of the five hundred yuan. "Let me think about it. I can't afford to say anything." 。

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