Mengmeng Yanbo Drunken Youyou

"Damn, I can't believe I've turned into a rat and I have to go to the hospital for an injection. What kind of world is it?" I'm sad to think

From just entering the city gate and not like other vehicles at the gate to accept the inspection of the situation, the red-eyed man's aristocratic status is beyond doubt, and at the moment the beast car speeding in the noisy and bustling streets, after a relatively noisy and dilapidated neighborhood, the surrounding buildings gradually become exquisite and gorgeous, while pedestrians have become less and less, no doubt, The beast car is driving them to the noble neighborhood. I do not know how long, the beast car gradually slowed down, and finally stopped. Cheng Mengyu and Jiu Kui looked at each other and breathed out slowly. If they were right, the place where they were at the moment was only a side door. Judging from the luxury and scale of the side door, this was probably the place. Please get off. Sheng Nu's voice sounded again, the car door opened loudly, and the sudden dazzling sunshine made Cheng Mengyu feel dizzy for a moment. Under the pressure of inner anxiety, Cheng Mengyu lightly turned over and got out of the beast car, half squinting and looking around, "where is this?"? Sheng Nu ?” "Please come with me." Sheng Nu did not answer her, and although she tried to act as if nothing had happened, she kept three steps away from them. Cheng Mengyu said some funny, it seems that she fabricated out of the'fever 'is really scared a lot of people. Cooperate to follow Sheng Nu into the door, in the courtyard inside the door parked a pair of gorgeous pink gauze sedan chair, two should be sedan bearers of the giant man and four beautiful maids dressed in very revealing clothes are waiting quietly beside. Please get into the sedan chair. This is said to Cheng Mengyu,glass cream jars, Sheng Nu stretched out her hand just to separate the nine sunflowers. Cheng Mengyu shrugged his shoulders, and without looking at Jiu Kui, he got on the sedan chair, leaving Jiu Kui in place with a low curse. Along the way, Cheng Mengyu kept asking about the identity of the red eye, but her eyes were not idle for half a moment, trying to keep the route of the place in mind, her hands clenched,Glass Cream Jars, only to feel a clammy back. Here is the master of the demon world, the castellan mansion of the Lord of Jieri. Who is that red-eyed man? "Aha, my collection has finally arrived." I really can't wait! "The unforgettable abnormal voice is like coming out of the crevice of the stone, so abrupt.". The sedan chair stopped in an instant, and the bearers, the maids, and the Sheng girls all fell to the ground respectfully. Cheng Mengyu's body suddenly stiffened and straightened her back. She looked up and saw that the man separated by layers of gauze, red-eyed and silver-haired, was not the pervert who liked to collect organs. ( Ji Nightmare stood there, looking at the layers of gauze inside the stubborn petite figure, blood red eyes flashing with hot light, big useful line of sight will eat her into the belly of the posture. The annoying itch has improved inexplicably in recent days, except for a piece of green that is gradually dissipating, his body is all right, the desire of the magic man is already strong, he has been holding back for too long. The bright red tongue gently licked the corners of his mouth. He narrowed his eyes slightly and walked slowly to the front of the sedan chair. At the moment when he wanted to raise his hand to pull away the gauze that was in the way, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, Sheng Nu, who was lying on one side, said in a trembling voice: "Master, please forgive me, Miss.." The voice did not fall, Sheng Nu was kicked out by the nightmare far away, but did not dare to hum. The harsh sound of cracking silk sounded, and the pink gauze curtain instantly turned into fragments, swaying in the wind. Cheng Mengyu was frightened a little stiff by the faint vulture under the strange face of the nightmare demon. She pinched her slightly sweaty palm. She looked at him calmly and said, "I'm sick. It seems to be contagious." Raising her hand, she pulled off her veil, then took off her cloak, and frankly flashed her bright red pimple. Ji Meng is a neat freak, so his defeat is all reasonable, the only surprise is probably that he lost too ugly. Cheng Mengyu looked at the smelly vomit on the ground in astonishment. Suddenly, he covered his belly like a twitch and curled up in the sedan chair and laughed. There was no doubt that the dirt was still in the stomach of the red-eyed magic man a minute ago. Well, depending on the situation, it seemed that he had just had a meal, ha ha. Compared with her schadenfreude, the other people who had seen the scene just now were now paralyzed with ashen faces. How noble and cruel this adult was, how could he allow the humble people who had seen him lose his temper to continue to live in this world. When Cheng Mengyu had laughed enough, he was already in an exotic room. Lying on the big soft bed, she quietly let the magic man who seemed to be a medicine man come and go diagnose her, watching them come in in panic and run away in panic, she curled her mouth, and her heart gradually settled down. It seems that the level of the medicine men of the Demons is not high, and they are completely confused by her horrible appearance. They should have seen the same symptoms of Jiu Kui, so there is no doubt that the disease is contagious. "Aren't you afraid?" She asked Sheng, who was standing beside the bed. ……” Afraid? Maybe But the master's means are a hundred times more terrible than this. "You go out and I'll sleep for a while." Closing his eyes, Cheng Mengyu turned over, posed comfortably, and went to sleep. When Sheng Nu saw that she was asleep, she stood beside the bed for a while and then retreated gently. ※※※※※※ I do not know how long to sleep, Cheng Mengyu woke up again, only to feel refreshed, the mood seems to have become comfortable because of the sunshine seeping into the room, stretched, she looked around and found no one else in the empty room. With a slight movement in her heart, she jumped out of bed and went barefoot to the door. Pushing open the door, she first poked out half her head and found that there was no one guarding the door. Sheng Nu? Is there anyone "Tentative light called twice, still no one responded, Cheng Mengyu some wonder, more is a surprise, just, take this opportunity to go out for a walk, familiar with the terrain.". Turning back to put on her shoes and face towel, she went out quietly. Through the long corridor, she came to a spiral staircase. As soon as she lifted her feet and was ready to rush down the stairs quickly, she heard a noise coming from the garden under the stairs. Miss Nini,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, run slowly and don't fall. "Come on, you stupid pigs, don't let Miss Nini get hurt!".


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