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"Damn, I can't believe I've turned into a rat and I have to go to the hospital for an injection. What kind of world is it?" I'm sad to think

Mother Wan smelled a breath of danger and said with a smile, "I just came in, but I haven't seen a few young ladies yet." In a word, he pushed his relationship to the ground. Caishuang frowned and thought for a moment. "The faces of the three young ladies seem to be redder than before." "I really have to worry about everything," said the old lady. Caishuang, you go and bring back all the new Rouge I ordered yesterday. Picking the frost agreed, and the old lady added, "Just take the share of the six maids and the seven maids." Hua Xiang is a person who can't handle things. If she has a big thing, she will make the whole family know it. "Don't worry, old lady," said Cai Shuang with a smile. "I know what to do." Turned around and went out. Mother Wan took a look at the back of the frost. No wonder she is the most effective maid around the old lady. Shuxiang Family Chapter 19 Rouge (2) Smiling, Jinse stepped forward and said, "Why is my sister so free today?" "Picking frost is the person beside the old lady, and the maids in the house will flatter her when they see her." She had just taken a break from serving the old lady and wanted to come over and see what Miss Qi was doing. Shuxiang stood up and offered her seat. "Thanks for your hard work, girl. Sit down and have a rest." Caishuang sat down on the edge of the Kang near the window. He picked up the embroidery on the table and looked at it. "What a bright job!" He exclaimed. The little maid served tea, and Jinse took the fruit tray and said, "Sister, use some tea." Shuxiang smiled and said, "The weather is getting colder and colder,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and my grandmother's legs and feet are not good. I want to make a set of leg protectors for my grandmother, which can also be used in winter." Cai Shuang put down the embroidery and said, "Speaking of warming your legs, just now Mother Wan sent a pair of children over, but the embroidery work is far worse than that of Miss Qi." Shuxiang heard that Wan's mother had taken the lead, and her eyes darkened. Seeing this, Cai Shuang said with a smile,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, "I wanted to make another pair for the old lady. Now that Miss Qi has done it, I won't make a fool of myself." Seeing that Pai Shuang was in a good mood, Jinse said jokingly, "So my sister can be lazy, too!" The three of them laughed and said, "Miss Qi looks much better. She looks white and red." Jinse said quickly, "I'm going out in the morning, and I'm dressed up with Rouge." "Really?" Said Cai Shuang with a smile? I heard that the old lady had sent a new Rouge to several young ladies, but I was not in the room, so I didn't see it. How is Miss Qi using it? Shuxiang looked at Caishuang's smiling eyes, his mind moved slightly, and said, "It's not the same, and the fragrance is a little strong. Maybe it's because I'm not used to it." Jinse had gone to the dressing table to fetch the Rouge and handed it to Caishuang. "Look, D BHB Factory ,S Adenosyl Methionine, sister, why don't I see any benefits?" Cai Shuang held it in his hand and looked at it for a while. Then he said with a smile, "I've heard that this Rouge is good. I'm just curious to see it." Shuxiang saw that Caishuang had no intention of putting down the Rouge, so he said, "If you like it, you might as well use it." Cai Shuang said with some surprise, "How can I take what the old lady gave to the young lady?" The book fragrance saw the expression of the frost, more firm in the judgment of the heart, then said: "It is not a precious thing, I still have some, the girl kept it." Picking frost then no longer refuse, and polite a few words, get up to leave. Jinse sent Caishuang out, and when she came back, she complained, "I'm also a servant of the old lady. Why are my eyes so shallow?" Shuxiang shook his head and said, "If only it were so simple." Jinse was a little puzzled, but Shuxiang said no more. The old lady looked at the clothes she had brought back and frowned. The gorgeous color, superior texture and exquisite workmanship are clearly tailor-made for Huaxiang. Hua Xiang always likes to be in the limelight and looks down on her younger sisters. Why is she so generous this time? The old lady sighed when she remembered that Huaxiang was looking for a reason to go out to the garden in Zhenguo Gongfu. It is true that a woman is too old to stay, and it is a worry to stay and stay. However, how could Hua Xiang, who had always been careless, suddenly have such scheming? The first wife would never give her such an idea. The shadow of Cuiqiao flashed before the old lady's eyes. At this time, Cuiqiao just lifted the curtain and entered the room. Seeing only Qiuxiao in the room, Cuiqiao stepped forward and said to Huaxiang, "Miss, I heard that I went back to Yanlou and Xingyun Pavilion to pick frost just now." Hua Xiang was a little unhappy when she heard this. "Why are you telling me this?"? Grandmother is old, what's wrong with the two of them? After a pause, he was still a little unwilling and asked, "What good things did you send to them this time?" "Isn't that strange?" Said Cuiqiao? Instead of sending anything, he took away the Rouge from the previous reward. The situation is the same on both sides. Hua Xiang looked puzzled: "Rouge?"? What does Grandmother want with that? Does grandma have to dress up? Cuiqiao thought more deeply than Hua Xiang. "I'm afraid something went wrong." "Then why don't you come to me and get it?" Asked Hua Xiangqi? If it's not good, how can it be left to me alone? On second thought, Hua Xiang laughed. "This Rouge must be very valuable. The old lady couldn't bear to let them use it, so she asked Cai Shuang to take it back." Cuiqiao heart secretly sigh, this young lady, how to think things are always so simple? All she said and said was that the meaning of the hint was very clear, but it took a long time to cast pearls before swine. A maid in the courtyard went out gently and said to the little maid at the door, "I seem to have lost my veil in the garden. I'll go out and look for it. I'll be back soon." The little maid at the door nodded: "Sister, go back quickly." The maid walked quickly out of the yard and looked around in the garden. When he lost sight of Wutong Garden, he caught a woman passing by and said hurriedly, "Go out and tell my aunt that the old lady is going to investigate the matter of Rouge." Piansheng's wife was a little stupid. She agreed at random and asked, "Who is the girl's aunt?" The maid was so anxious that she stamped her feet. "It's Tang Guangcai's family!"! Go on! In the evening, someone sent the old lady's message to Second Daughter-in-law: ".." The old lady said that Second Daughter-in-law had a body,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, and if she touched spices again, she was afraid that it would be bad for the children, so she told Second Daughter-in-law not to use such things as Rouge and gouache. 。


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