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"Damn, I can't believe I've turned into a rat and I have to go to the hospital for an injection. What kind of world is it?" I'm sad to think

In addition, there are four primary sub-artifacts, plus his own use of the middle sub-artifacts, in addition, there are some potions, that is, the potions used by the underworld people, this potion, because it is made of underworld plants, refined by the underworld apothecary, contains the power of death, therefore, human beings can not take it, otherwise the undead will become undead creatures. In addition, Tang Fan has found some materials that contain the power of death, which can be used to refine sub-artifacts. But these, are more general, at least in the eyes of Tang Fan, because of the wealth of the demigod Elvis, Tang Fan's wealth has been better than most of the demigods. What really caught his eye was a disc. Because the fluctuation emitted by this disc is very close to the fluctuation found by Tang Fan, Tang Fan can not help but have an association. He hurriedly took out the disc, and the fluctuation on it became clearer. Tang Fan held the disc close to the place where the power fluctuated abnormally with the power of his soul, and suddenly a shock, as if connected, suddenly appeared a light door, shining with the brilliance of water waves. A portal? Is it the door to the lower treasure house? Tang Fan took the lead in summoning the Blood Flame Steel Demon, and let the Blood Flame Steel Demon take the lead in entering it. A wisp of his soul power was attached to the Blood Fire Steel Demon, and then entered. In a flash,Sex Enhancement Powder, the blood flame steel demon disappeared, and Tang Fan's soul power felt that the blood flame steel demon reappeared and entered a place similar to the upper treasure house, unaware of any danger. It seems that we are really entering the portal of the lower treasure house. Tang Fan said a sentence, casually to imprison the Hades, unable to move or open his mouth, Tang Fan stepped into the portal again, disappeared in an instant, as if swallowed by the portal. In a flash, Tang Fan's figure appeared beside the blood flame steel demon, and then he took back a wisp of soul power attached to the blood flame steel demon. Volume 4 146 Soul Fruit Tang Fan took back the power of the spirit, but did not put away the blood flame steel demon. Then,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, a disc appeared and fell into Tang Fan's hands, and the portal behind it disappeared, leaving only an abnormal wave of breath. The lower part of the treasure house was darker than the upper part, and Tang Fan's eyes seemed to have lost their function and could not see anything. All, Tang Fan can only use the power of the soul to replace, but the use of the power of the soul, he has long been used to, so will not feel uncomfortable. The power of the spirit swept through, and Tang Fan found that the scope of the lower treasure house was smaller than that of the upper treasure house, almost half, and Tang Fan did not sense the fluctuation of the treasure's breath. But all treasures, after all, with fluctuations, such as magic fluctuations and so on, the more superior treasures, the more intense the fluctuations, of course, some treasures will be restrained fluctuations, however, Theobromine Powder ,Thyroid Powder Factory, as long as the fine feeling, but still can be clearly sensed. But here, Tang Fan has not sensed the slightest fluctuation of the treasure, with his overbearing spiritual power, although not a fine feeling, but also let Tang Fan surprised. Is the lower treasure house empty? Tang Fan can not help wondering, holding the disc, he estimated that he would go out later, but also. Then, the power of the spirit strikes again, more carefully. It turned out that there were all kinds of seals to seal the treasure, and there was no breath fluctuation. Finally, Tang Fan's spirit power felt the seal and just understood. Seals, in that case, must be good treasures. Tang Fan laughed. Immediately, Tang Fan approached a seal nearest to him, and a flame appeared around him, which was a faint white and silver flame. It is the fire of the undead at the demigod level. It emitted a faint silvery light, which dispelled part of the darkness around it and illuminated a range of two or three meters. Tang Fan also saw clearly what was sealed in front of him. Seals are generally invisible and colorless, only sealed by a layer of transparent power, so Tang Fan can clearly see the things inside the seal. It was a weapon, a one-handed axe, dark in color. The shape is extremely ferocious, covered with sawteeth, and there is some kind of ferocious animal carving on it, which is lifelike, as if it came to life. Can be sealed up, indicating that this weapon is not ordinary goods, at least, should reach the level of sub-artifacts in the middle. Tang Fan said to himself. "Break the seal first." Tang Fandao, he is not familiar with the seal, so. Also do not know how to crack better, the only means is to use tough means to break the seal. All of a sudden. The disc in Tang Fan's hand flew up automatically, emitting a ray of light, enveloping the seal in front of Tang Fan, and in an instant, the power of the seal disappeared, revealing its weapons. A strong breath fluctuated and rolled out. Sure enough, it's a middle-level sub-artifact, and for example, Elvis's collection of middle-level sub-artifacts is not far behind. Tang Fan said happily. Elvis's collection of sub-artifacts are all exquisite, and this axe is naturally exquisite. Without saying a word, Tang Fan put the axe directly into the storage space. Then go to the second seal. Or a sub-artifact, also a weapon, a pike, the same, under the power of the disc, the power of the seal temporarily retreated, this mid-level sub-artifact pike, was put into the storage space by Tang Fan. Next, Tang Fan used the power of the disc to crack the seal one by one. Although it was only a temporary crack, the power of the seal would be regenerated in less than ten seconds, but what was inside the seal had been taken away by Tang Fan. Can be sealed here, must not be ordinary things, Tang Fan has collected ten pieces of sub-artifacts in the middle order, and each one is a fine product in the middle order. What on earth is this Count of Philtos, so simple as a count? After Tang Fan collected the eleventh piece of sub-artifact, there were a lot of doubts in his heart. Then, collect the twelfth sub-artifact of the middle rank. Well, it turned out to be a short stick of bones. After unlocking the power of the seal, Tang Fan picked up the mid-level sub-artifact and was a little surprised. It was indeed a short stick of white bones, all white,Quillaja Saponin, made of skeletons, with many demigod formations and ghost patterns on it, emitting strong waves of death power.


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