The spirit bead makes the flood and famine

He Qiushui nodded and wanted to take Wu Congjun's hand and walk with him, but he dodged. For the sake of safety, you go first. There were few people in the bamboo grove by the river, but there were many people in the street. He could not make any mistakes before he got the money, and

After a few bites, Monkey Sun's eyes were immediately attracted by another peach, because he saw a bigger and riper peach. The peach in his hand, which he had bitten a few times, slipped unconsciously and went straight to the big peach he liked. At this moment, Sun Wukong could not care so much. His eyes were shining and he flew toward the big peach. When he picked the peach, he nibbled it fiercely. He nibbled this and that, and nibbled this and that. Anyway, he refused to nibble two on a peach. Anyway, there were so many peaches that he could not finish them no matter how he gnawed them. So Sun Wukong was not in a hurry at all. After a while, Sun Wukong also showed something was wrong, that is, he had been tossing and turning inside for so long, and there was no movement. How could there be no reaction outside? Could it be that none of the people outside could be heard, but none of them came in to look at it? This made Sun Wukong's courage grow up gradually, and he no longer had any scruples. On the peach tree,radio shuttle racking, he jumped up and down, showing the monkey's nature. Also do not know how many peaches, Sun Wukong only feel his stomach full, looking at the ground scattered peaches, Sun Wukong is also a little embarrassed, so is not too wasteful? Then he looked at a large peach tree waiting to be picked by himself. The monkey was moved. If he took all these peaches back, how long would it be enough to eat? Then Zixia would have as many as she wanted to eat. But at this time,metal racking systems, Sun Wukong suddenly saw a person lying behind a big peach tree, Sun Wukong looked carefully again, looking at the dress, it was a land, see here, Sun Wukong's cold sweat came out. Needless to say, it seemed that this land was naturally the land of the Peach Garden. Unexpectedly, this Peach Garden still had the existence of land. He was so careless. If the land had not been dizzy, his actions would not have been completely seen by him. As long as he roared and thought about the consequences, Sun Wukong's boldness could not help breaking out in a cold sweat. Sun Wukong immediately reacted. How could this land be dizzy? You know, this is a peach garden. Ordinary people can't get in. Is it possible that there are people of the same way? Thinking of this possibility, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, Sun Wukong became excited. Sun Wukong searched around the Peach Garden for a long time. Then he found the spirit beads that were still sleeping soundly on the innermost tree. Seeing that they were actually spirit beads, Sun Wukong knew why there were so many peaches in the spirit beads. He could not help complaining that the spirit beads were too disloyal. He didn't call himself earlier for such a good thing, and he knew that he had overturned the land first when he committed the crime. This shows that his business must be very skilled, and I don't know how many times he has done it. Sun Wukong shook the spirit bead unhappily, "Xuan Lingzi, Xuan Lingzi, wake up." Only then did Lingzhu open her sleepy eyes and see Sun Wukong. She asked doubtfully, "Monkey, why are you here? Oh, I know. You actually came to steal peaches. Your courage is really not good. Do you know that stealing peaches is a felony?" After listening to Lingzhu's words, Sun Wukong said disdainfully, "Don't you just pick a few peaches? What's the crime? When the peaches are planted, they are picked by monkeys. Don't say I'm Lao Sun. You're not here to steal peaches yourself. It seems that it's not the first time for you to look at you. No wonder you have so many peaches. You're really not called me Lao Sun for such a good thing." I won't think of you if there is anything good in the future. Sun Wukong said in a fit of pique. Can I call this stealing? Ah, can you put the word "steal" on me? I picked it. I picked it fair and square. It's not like you are sneaking around. But to be honest, the way you steal peaches is quite classic. Have you often done this before, or are you monkeys born to steal peaches? Lingzhu said jokingly to Sun Wukong. But when Lingzhu saw the peaches all over the ground, he was angry. No wonder Yao Qiong loved her peaches. Even if there were more peaches, he couldn't afford to waste them. Now Lingzhu was a little angry when he saw the peaches all over the ground. It would be strange if Yao Qiong didn't get mad when she saw them. Depend on, dead monkey, if you want to waste it, you have to have a limit. You see, it's all over the ground. It's a sin. It's so wasteful that my heart is struck by thunder. Lingzhu said with a painful face that although Buddhism would pay for it, it was a bit unacceptable to see his things wasted. Fortunately, he hid some of them, so he was not completely wasted by the dead monkey. Hearing what Lingzhu said, Sun Wukong felt a little embarrassed. Looking at the peaches on the ground, even he himself felt a little too much. So he pulled out a hair and turned it into a big cloth bag. He packed all the peaches on the ground. "It's not a waste to take my bag back to my monkey grandson." When Lingzhu saw that he had put all the peaches away, he was just about to say something when his expression suddenly moved. "Someone is coming. I'll leave first. Monkey, you must be loyal. If you have something to bear, you can bear it alone. After you are caught, no matter what punishment they use, you must stand up to it. You must not help me to give it up. My brother's life depends on you." Lingzhu then disappeared, leaving Sun Wukong alone, beside which lay a land that had passed out. The cool wind was blowing, but it was still not as cool as Sun Wukong's heart. [Chapter 267 Disrupting the Peach Fair] Chapter 267 disrupting the Peach Fair. It is said that after the spirit bead knew that someone was coming, he left a sentence for Sun Wukong to go first. Sun Wukong saw that the spirit bead was so unloyal that he didn't take himself with him. He even had to carry it by himself. He scolded the spirit bead in his heart. Hot Book Pavilion is Although the heart is uncomfortable, but also dare not neglect, he also knows that this matter is a bit serious,teardrop pallet racking, even with his identity as Emperor Chen is also unable to carry, hurriedly to hide the land, transformed into a big peach hanging on the tree.

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