China LVL Bed Slat factory

China LVL Bed Slat factoryChina LVL Bed Slat factory

China LVL Bed Slat factory Introduction The Bend Wooden Bed Slats are flexible elements that are used as bed bases. Furniture with a slatted base offers durability, flexibility and sensitivity to the user's movements. The slatted base increases the life and comfort of the mattress, absorbing most of the load and weight on the bed. Secondly, and secondly, our products are made from environmentally friendly materials, which offer the advantages of thinness and impact resistance. Overall, this is a good product and we welcome any purchases or enquiries from our customers. Feature The Bend Wooden Bed Slats are characterised by good adhesion, toughness and load capacity, and have a unique nuance and high grade. Secondly, compared to other products, our product has low formaldehyde and is very friendly to the environment, making it ideal for indoor furniture. Finally, the product can also be used for insect control or sterilisation purposes. Specifications 1.Supply to USA,Europe, Austrilia,etc 2.Matrial:Poplar Plywood, Birch Plywood or Solid wood board,like paulownia,pine,poplar,etc 3.Professional wooden board factory supplierChina LVL Bed Slat factory website:


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