Childe Wei at the end of the Han Dynasty

"The young general was defeated." Captured alive by the enemy. Countless people, uphold to the end, adhere to the last faith collapsed

"The young general was defeated." Captured alive by the enemy. Countless people, uphold to the end, adhere to the last faith collapsed, they lost all the factors that can fight, long-distance raid left is also the last morale, even in the forest to hold on to invincible, clenched his teeth to resist wave after wave do not know when is the end of the ambush tide erosion, is also the trust of d. And all this was destroyed by zhaoyun fragmented. From the beginning of the battle, d has been suppressed, not as strong and high-spirited as usual.. Zhaoyun cold eyes swept, all trembling step back, and the Hedong army is a happy inspiration. Those who surrender will not be killed! Raised in the hands of the pike, zhaoyun a calendar drink, through the whole forest. Liangzhou army finally began to collapse completely. After the first man began to lay down his arms, two, three, one by one, lost the courage to resist. Volume II Yellow Turban Chaos Chapter 348 "Brother.." Unexpectedly out of Feng Yi army, south Changan.. "" Looking at the document at hand, country can not help but face slightly change. The messenger is not an ordinary pawn, impressively is Wei Ning QinBing long, SuWei warriors in the camp. Ignoring the country that back and forth change of facial expression, sink a track, "Wei Hou military orders, sir from the official document, I don't know when you will send troops, or I can return to report to Wei Hou earlier!" Guo Jia raised his head and put Wei Ning's document on the table. He took a look at Su Wei and frowned. "I will write a letter to make you return to Feng Yi. As for when to send troops, I have my own decision!" The SuWei soldiers, eyes slightly a red, impolite step forward, the voice is also a lot higher, way,Magnetic Drain Plug, "Dian Wei general was attacked by the Liangzhou ordinary man, life and death do not know, also please consider!" Are you questioning me? Or question your brother's orders!? Guo Jia's face was cold. He took a look at the proclamation and said coldly, "My elder brother sent me to the army. Do I have to report to you first?" Su Wei suddenly woke up with a start and broke out in a cold sweat on his back. He immediately knelt down in front of Guo Jia and accused him, "The villains don't distinguish between high and low. Please punish them, sir!" At this time, on the side of the Huang Zhong saw a slight sigh, came forward to plead, "SuWei is WeiHou DianWei single-handed training, these soldiers worry about the safety of the Lord, although impolite,metal stamping parts, but it is excusable, please forgive me!" Country looked back at Huang Zhong coldly, this just snorted a way, "elder brother early constraint military discipline, regardless of superiority and inferiority, ask about military aircraft without authorization, is the death penalty, today both general Huang Zhong intercede for you, the death penalty can be avoided, live crime.". Go down and get fifty army sticks! That Su Wei is greatly regret in the heart, Wei Ning severely punish military discipline. He naturally didn't dare to be angry, but first to see, the army station not before, after see Guo Jia that surprised face, this just straight quick ask. In normal times, even if he is Wei Ning guards, without authorization to inquire about military aircraft is also unpardonable. What's more, Su Weiben was a model of self-discipline in the east of the river, and as soon as he asked more questions, he regretted it. However, it is also because of the Wei Ning close attendant identity, so that the country did not really kill. Guo Jia did not know that these Suwei learned that Dian Wei did not know the anger of life and death, non standard fasteners ,DIN screw plug, Huang Zhong's remonstrance, also happened to give him a step. Why don't you go down? Huang Zhong see Guo Jia loose mouth. He immediately shouted flatly. "The guard complained and stepped down with shame on his face." The Marquis of Wei has ordered you to send troops to Chang'an. But now coppage guarding with south two pass, military forces here is absolutely not transfer. I divided forces such as five thousand to escort the holy drive north, the remaining ten thousand military forces to people, I'm afraid to first meet Xu Rong, zhaoyun two road military forces.. Huang Zhong looked at the Suwei retired. But he also frowned and asked Guo Jia tentatively. Elder brother anger extremely ChongGuan, I haven't pacified Si Li, consolidate the line of defense, route for providing foodstuff instability, if marten stick to Changan not out, how can it easily? If not half a month, Korea hence after the army led soldiers to aid, I'm afraid our army is really in the quagmire difficult to get away. "Alas." Guo Jia sighed slightly. "Again." If it is a normal situation, Liangzhou soldiers are fine. But not good siege guarding city, give our army half a year, even if Changan is rich in hay, military and civilian of one mind, seventy thousand military forces, from the yellow river Wei water, cool send ship south Xinfeng grain, also no can't, to break Changan is not difficult! It's just.. The three parties of Yongzhou still need military forces to prevent others from taking advantage of the situation. North of Yecheng, Lombardi eye covetously, Yanzhou lyu3 bu4 Cao Cao, according to my view, within two months, also will win or lose. Leave our army in Yongzhou time, but also just two months. The most important place, nature is our army hay transport inconvenience, and the army conquering the first Yang, the river, and then cross the Wei River, the trilemma, not only drag our soldiers will be tired, but also make the route for providing foodstuff rugged. Guo Jia shook his head again, then said, "If you can give me half a month's time, first take Si Li, manage Hongnong defense, can go south from Anyi, out of Dayang, cross the Yellow River, directly to Hongnong, then reduce the obstacles of a mountain and a river.". Hongnong west, it is my big fellow between the east and the west, the road for a hundred years to repair complete, flat terrain, regardless of moving troops, send food, all don't cost many weeks, even if the sudden change in Hedong, also can from hongnong direct round trip rescue.. "But now that the Marquis of Wei has issued a stern order, I'm afraid you can't make your own decisions." Huang Zhong did not see the country so far away, to Wei Ning command is quite important, "and see just that Su Wei also lost the usual cold because of anger, we can know that Wei Hou at the moment I'm afraid it's more angry.." "I can just face each other with a cold face, is it not to pour a ladle of cold water, so that these soldiers trained by Dian Wei himself can calm down a little.." Guo Jia shook his head and said with a wry smile, "but now, the most important thing is to be calm, I'm afraid, or elder brother.." “…… But at this time, there was an order outside the camp. Someone lifted the curtain and immediately told the reporter, "Mr. Newspaper, General, there is Feng Yi coming!"! It is said that General Xu Rong and Mr. Chen Gong wrote. "Oh," Guo Jia frowned slightly, and immediately said,Stainless steel foundry, "and call someone to come in!" "Here!" Close to wait to retire, before long, then led a sergeant in.


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