Lord of Secrecy

Horas is going to keep that intruder at bay! There you are! With a revolver in one hand and a whip in the other, Katie spotted the black figure floating in the air.

Horas is going to keep that intruder at bay! There you are! With a revolver in one hand and a whip in the other, Katie spotted the black figure floating in the air. There was a strange flash of light in her eyes, and before she could make an attack, there was a buzz in her mind, as if she had been hit hard on the head with a stick. She felt that she had encountered an indescribable scream, and a few drops of sticky blood slowly fell from her nose. Heras was only slightly dizzy and felt that the symptoms of shortness of breath were a little worse, while Parker, the weakest, saw stars and became superficial. Suddenly, Parker's shoulder was patted by someone. The cold feeling surged, and he stiffened in place, as if he had been completely covered by frost, soaked into his bones by the cold, and a familiar deep voice sounded in his ears: "Imprisoned!" Parker was instantly trapped by the door by a prison of transparent walls, but Crane did not possess him and went straight through, avoiding the effect of Heras's spell in time. Heras narrowed his eyes and flicked his right hand: "Release!" Chapter 166 the key link of magic. The invisible prison around Parker suddenly collapsed, and there was no longer a trace of residue. But instead of regaining his mobility, he fell to the ground, shivering constantly,collapsible pallet box, as if he were still frozen. This is not only the after-effects of the ghost touch, but also the effects of Crane's direct penetration of his body and damage to his soul. Of course, Parker, who had only sequence 8, could not recover in a short time. He could not even control his breathing. He again inhaled a large amount of biological toxins consistent with those in his body. Weak, his hair quickened, his eyes straightened,plastic pallet bins, and he instinctively turned around. He saw Kapin, who was also rolling on the ground, scratching his face and body, the filamentous flesh hanging beside the blood stains, and the white bone color. Parker gasped for breath and scrambled over. Kapin, who was itching to tear off the outer layer of skin, suddenly found that Parker was crawling with red eyes. He had a bad feeling in his heart. However, he could not stop scratching and had no strength to avoid it. He could not even shout "no" and could only scream instead. At that moment, Crane, who had escaped the "captivity", whispered "divine" in ancient Hermetic, then rubbed his fingers and fired an air bullet in the light of the dark golden Sunbird brooch. As soon as the air bomb took shape, it took on a holy luster and went straight to the face of Heras. This is the "Holy Vow" offered by the "Sun Brooch", plastic bulk containers ,drum spill pallet, and Crane adds the Holy Damage! Heras had already changed his position and was very agile, not like a mage, but like an expert in fighting. While dodging Crane's air bullets, he motioned for Katie to shake the whip and entangle each other. When Crane's attack was interrupted and no longer continuous, he took out an iron-black metal glove from the hidden pocket and tried to wear it on his left hand. Crane, who was in a spiritual state, did not need to see the scene out of the corner of his eye even if he was sideways to Heras. He immediately flew up, avoided Katie's stroke, passed over the chandelier and jumped at Heras. Heras saw this, took the iron black metal gloves, and pointed obliquely above: "Exile!" Crane suddenly encountered a majestic and invisible force, the whole spirit body was blown out, hit the wall, hit the invisible wall brought by the "confinement", but did not penetrate and leave. Seizing this opportunity, Heras put on the iron-black metal glove. In an instant, he seemed to be a little taller, as majestic as a great man who could control other people's lives. As soon as Crane was released from the "exile" state, he had a great fear for no reason, and he could not help but want to bow his head, crawl, listen to each other's every word, follow his every command! His movements became rather slow, and in his pupils was Katie, a woman approaching at a high speed. Pow! Katie swung the black whip and hit Crane accurately. The whip passed through the spirit body, but it caused considerable pain to Crane's spirit, as if it had been pressed against the most vulnerable part with a red-hot iron. He jerked his head up and let out a scream. And the revolver in Katie's other hand followed. Boom! Boom! Two bullets with pale golden light were fired one after another and hit Crane. The clear light rose, and the figure in black armor quickly thinned, turned into a paper figure, and quickly burned to ashes. Crane emerged in a dark corner, and the "sun brooch" in the spirit body shone with a dark golden light. The warm power filled his body in an instant, and the extreme fear brought by Heras quickly disappeared. One of the effects of the "Sun Brooch" spell, "Immunity to Fear"! In just a few seconds of fighting, Crane has been forced to use a paper double twice. Although this has his intentional factor, but also serves to show the strength of Heras and Katie together, just confirms the results of Crane's previous divination: This operation is very dangerous! The situation would have been even more dangerous if Parker had not been temporarily disabled under the influence of the biotoxin bottle and his initial raid. His plan was to give up rationally if all four paper figures were used up and the opportunity had not yet appeared-not because Crane did not want to prepare more substitutes, but because his spirituality could only afford four times after fighting. As for the "confinement" effect created by Heras, Crane is not worried at all. He is now a "summoned" spirit body. As long as he ends the "summons", he can immediately return to the fog. It is not the interference of god-level forces, or some special "0" or "1" seals that can not interrupt the process at all. When Crane went to the Kingdom Museum to steal the "Black Emperor" card, the woman suspected of being a high-sequence strong man failed to stop him from leaving. This is also the main reason and the biggest reliance for Crane to dare to try to help and challenge the impossibility, knowing that the danger is great! Seeing that the enemy was no longer afraid, Heras,collapsible pallet bin, wearing iron and black metal gloves, motioned to Katie to stop Crane again, while he pointed to the front and solemnly opened his mouth:. binpallet.com


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