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Disneyland is located in Pudong, Shanghai, only a short distance away from Jiangzhou

Disneyland is located in Pudong, Shanghai, only a short distance away from Jiangzhou, and can go back and forth on the same day. Wang Zhuo introduced to her some things to pay attention to when traveling, and then hung up the phone. She talked to the women on the phone one by one and lied that it was too late to do research last night, so she turned off her cell phone. Qi Fei thoughtfully asked him to pay attention to his health. Guan Yingying asked him about the progress of his work. Gan Lin asked him to have dinner together and made a delicious meal to reward him. Call Siyuan again, this time you don't have to report your daily life, just say a few tender words. After hanging up the phone, Director Wang sighed, "Life is so beautiful!" Open Baidu's home page with your mobile phone, enter the word "original flavor" to search, and the results are immediately displayed. As expected, Baidu has made a special contribution. At the top of the search results, there is a gray promotional link, the title is "the largest and most complete online life supermarket of original underwear", under this line of promotional links, there is one called original. The website of the cabinet The text under the title is "Original Sanitary Napkins, Original Silk Stockings, Original Silk, and Fetish Communication Platform". There's a third line,digital signage screen, a fourth line.. My God, in front of Baidu, all search platforms are floating clouds. After turning off the web page, Wang Zhuo suddenly felt that it was unfair for him to despise Baidu blindly. Maybe other websites are the same. There is a saying that crows are black all over the world? He opened the search again, not to mention, really gave him the right guess, this website also has no crab search results, and Google can also search for relevant news and pictures,face recognition identification, but after a round of comparison, these websites are still defeated in front of Baidu, because only Baidu provides a paid link to "original underwear". Wang Zhuo curled his lips and threw his mobile phone aside. His feelings for Baidu can be said to be love-hate. On the one hand, he used it smoothly. On the other hand, he hated its shameless bad habits. Not long ago, the newspaper also exposed the news that a bad businessman used Baidu to pay for advertising to sell fake jade. After the exposure, Baidu still went its own way. The so-called cheap people are invincible. This is the realm. Weighing the "original flavor" left by the pretty widow, Wang Zhuo scratched his head and did not know how to deal with it. Throw it away. It's a pity. It's still very memorable. Leave it. Where to put it? A long time may also be discolored, moldy, this is not looking for trouble? Unable to think of a result, he had to put it in his pocket temporarily, put on his clothes, put the police's mobile phone and documents, DV and other items in the environmental protection handbag provided by the hotel, touch screen kiosk ,interactive whiteboard prices, and carried them out of the door. As soon as they arrived at the lobby of the hotel, the three people sitting on the sofa saw him, greeted each other, stood up, and came far away to meet him. Wang Zhuo slightly stupefied, these three people he knows two, one is the old lover yuan Xinyu, one is last night that Jiang Gongguo, how did they mix together, but also found here? "Great powers?" With a sneer at Jiang Gongguo, he turned his head and asked yuan Xinyu, "What's the situation?" yuan Xinyu made a great contribution in the incident of Qinxue Assault Drug Rehabilitation Center, and took the opportunity to get the recognition of Qinxue and the appreciation of the leadership. Not long ago, he was promoted to be the director, and made a great step forward in his official career. Had it not been for Wang Zhuo, Hugh said that the last incident of violating discipline in the wilderness would have been enough for him to drink a pot, ranging from a demerit to a transfer and demotion. It was all given to him by Wang Zhuo that he could have today. Officialdom is about standing in line, the original Xinyu of course also has his team, but Wang Zhuo is his hit noble, Hugh said his team can not give him this position, is his eldest brother's eldest brother, Wang Zhuo can only do neither humble nor arrogant, and dare not have the slightest disrespect. In the police system of Jiangzhou City, who doesn't know how Huihai stepped down? Who doesn't know who Wang Zhuo is? Others heard that this is called the king, hide can not hide it, only the original Xinyu is a blessing in disguise on this tree, others can not even touch the way. For a long time, everyone thought that Wang Zhuo only had destructive power, and they all stayed away from him. It was not until yuan Xinyu was appreciated and promoted by Qin Xue in the drug rehabilitation center that people realized that Wang Zhuo's package of high explosives was not only destructive, but also constructive in occasionally bombing dangerous buildings and mines. Chapter 290 of the main text gives you a face. Chapter 290 give you a face. Seal push is almost over, call all kinds of tickets, all kinds of urges, all kinds of rewards. At the same time, I'm here to say sorry to the editor and all the book friends who like a cover. It's illegal to use a real person photo as a cover. Shame! .............. The power of public instruments is often beyond the imagination of ordinary people who have not been exposed to them. Take Jiang Gongguo for example, he is just a relatively popular small superintendent, deputy section title, in Jiangzhou numerous. But it is such a deputy section level, is not a real position, but also spent more than one hundred thousand of his relationship fee to get, if there is no use, he is full of money to play? After Wang Zhuo left, he immediately used his network of connections in the police system. First, he found out Wang Zhuo's identity through the temporary license plate number on Wang Zhuo's Audi car. Then, he took the hotel registration records of the whole city and found out where he stayed. Then remotely watch the hotel's surveillance video, others did not move the place, we know all the movements of Wang Zhuo. See? It's that simple. Although Jiang Gongguo found out Wang Zhuo's superficial identity and location,face detection android, Wang Zhuo's fearlessness also made him deeply awed. He did not take any action rashly, but continued to dig deep into his opponent's identity before making plans. But he only dug for a minute and couldn't move. The friend of the temporary population management office heard that he wanted to inquire about the name and ID number. He called out directly on the phone. Brother, this is Wang Zhuo who killed Huihai. Why did you check him. hsdtouch.com


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