Oriental Jade Nameless Island

The man on the right said, "Kao, your mouth is very tough." He raised his hand and slapped the old man in the country.

The man on the right said, "Kao, your mouth is very tough." He raised his hand and slapped the old man in the country. Obviously not heavy, but this slap in the face of the old man in the countryside, can not afford! With a clap, the old man in the countryside tilted his head to the right, stumbled at his feet, and even knocked off two of his old teeth. A bone fluttered, and his mouth was full of blood. "Tell me," shouted the man on the right, "who is this boy?" Holding his cheek in one hand, the old countryman said mournfully, "Grandpa, he.." He is really the grandson of a little old man. Grandson Fu! Fu opened a pair of small eyes, fearless, rushed to say: "You do not hit my grandfather, I am Fu." The man on the left suddenly took a step forward and said with a grim smile, "Boy, I can't tell what you're pretending to be. Isn't your surname Tang?" 。 Fu involuntarily stepped back and said, "My surname is Zhang, not Tang." The man on the left stretched out his left hand and presented it to Ah Fu. "Is this your thing?" He asked with a grim smile. It turned out that he had a blue steel needle in his hand, which was thinner than an embroidery needle. Fu looked nervous and said hurriedly, "It's not mine. I don't know." Afraid that Ah Fu would suffer losses, the old man from the countryside quickly took him by the hand and stepped back. He kept bowing and said, "I'm sure you'll admit it." It's the wrong person. Grandparents and grandchildren depend on each other for their lives. Beg your uncle to spare your hands. The man on the left sneered, "Mistaken me?"? Grandpa didn't rub the sand in his eyes. Even the Heavenly King of Tangmen would admit his mistake by asking the heart needle? The old man in the countryside desperately pulled Ah Fu back and said, "Grandpa, Grandpa, this needle really doesn't belong to my grandson.." The man on the right shouted angrily, "Get out of here, old man." Gently push your right foot out. The old man in the countryside said, "Oh," and a body immediately fell out and rolled to the ground. Fu hurriedly supported Grandpa and said angrily, "You can't be so unreasonable." "Be reasonable?" The man on the right stepped forward and shouted, "The man who made the Tangmen Heavenly King Needle,Investment casting parts, Qiran is a descendant of Tangmen. Your name is Tang." Rope Wu, right? Fu blushed and suddenly straightened his chest. "Even if I'm Tang Shengwu," he said, "what are you going to do?" Left hand lift place, holding a brass syringe, already aimed at the right man, but listen to "sniff" two, two wisps of blue awn laser and. Out. The man on the right laughed and said, "Little bastard, it's you." With his left hand thrown forward, two heavenly kings shot away. Needle. There were two light tinkling sounds, which fell into his palm. It turned out that there was already a magnet hidden in his hand. He sucked the needle away, and his right hand suddenly reached out and quickly grabbed Ah Fu's shoulder. Go. Suddenly someone shouted, "What kind of person is bullying a child?" A figure swept out with the sound, and with a shout of a punch, it hit the man on the right head-on. "Mind your own business, my friend," the man on the right shouted coldly, car radiator cap ,alloy die casting, avoiding his fist. The figure fell to the ground, and it turned out that this man was the old man in brown who had just sat in the cabin next to the old man's grandparents and grandchildren in the countryside! He straightened up his felt hat and said with a laugh, "The people of the world are in charge of the affairs of the world. The old man doesn't like it. It's settled." The man on the left shook his shoulders and dodged out. "Old Gao," he said in a low voice, "leave this fellow to me." Without waiting for the man on the right to answer, he raised his left hand, seemed to clap and take it, and his body suddenly deceived him. Then he sent out his right palm toward the old man in brown clothes. I took a picture. The old man in brown clothes felt a shock in his heart. He didn't expect that the man on the left would be so strong in martial arts. He made a move with a few words in it. Hand change. As soon as he saw that he could not disassemble it, he quickly whirled away. A foot flew from the bottom, and the lightning kicked the other side in the chest. The foot was so strong and unexpected that the man on the left had to take half a step back and sneered, "My friend, I have a heart." He is a Shaolin disciple. "The old man is not a disciple of Shaolin," said the old man in brown. "Even if you're a Shaolin disciple," said the man on the left, "you can't scare anyone." When the two men spoke, they broke up at first, and they had already made four or five moves against each other. The brown-clothed old man struck out with a series of slave fists; although he denied the Shaolin Gate, what he used was a direct descendant of Shaolin, "Subduing the Dragon and Subduing the Tiger Fist. The record is like a giant axe to open the mountain, the wind of the fist is surging, the sound is loud, and the offensive is extremely fierce; The man on the left smiled coldly, and as soon as his palm changed, he used a series of wonderful techniques. Although the "Dragon Subduing Tiger Fist" of the old man in brown clothes was fierce, it was completely cracked by the understated moves of the man on the left. Anyone with a discerning eye knows at a glance that the moves of the man on the left are just enough to restrain the fist of the old man in brown clothes. Han Yu's figure on the right flashed, and in front of Ah Fu, he clasped the pulse and touched his acupoint. With a backhand, he hit the old man in the countryside. Head vest, did not even hum hum, immediately the account. In the field, the two men fought fiercely for more than twenty strokes. The old man in brown clothes was forced to be in a hurry and almost out of breath. The man on the left used it. A record of "the moon hanging on the horizon", five fingers like a knife, sweeping the left ear! The old man in brown clothes could not dodge. He hurriedly slanted his head and jumped back. The felt hat on his head was swept off by the wind of his palm, revealing the ring scar. "So you're a monk from Huilong Temple," said the man on the left with a smile. The old man in brown clothes was controlled by others everywhere. He was at a disadvantage and could not cope with it. He was sweating on his head and had already wiped him on his face. Charcoal ash, washed clean. That's not an old monk, it's a middle-aged monk! The man on the left shouted at the exit, his body rushed forward, his palm shadow flew, and he rushed to attack! The middle-aged monk reluctantly opened his two palms, but listening to the sound of Peng, he was swept by the left man's palm on his shoulder, and his feet slanted open a few times. Step. The man on the left grinned grimly and said, "I'll send you to the West." Rush up, is a palm, lightning patted. The middle-aged monk knew that the injury was serious, but at the moment, in addition to fighting hard, there was no way to avoid it, so he clenched his teeth and punched hard. Fight back and get out. Fists and palms, Peng ran a ring, the left man shook back two steps. The middle-aged monk retreated as many as seven or eight steps, fell down on the ground, his eyes were black, his mouth opened and a mouthful of blood spurted out, and he fainted. Go. The man on the left didn't even look at it. He raised his eyes and said, "Old Gao,Steel investment casting, did you succeed in your idea?" The man on the right laughed and said, "I've already succeeded." The man on the left nodded and said, "That's good. Let's go." 。 autoparts-dx.com


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